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Hey everybody! How goes it?!
I have been running around all week, stressed out and dealing with…life, ya know. Today I am finally staying home and having some homemade soup while I listen to the down poor outside. Rain, rain…and more rain. But hey, if it wasn’t for the rain, I might not be relaxing at home for a change.

Before I was vegan, I use to LOVE watching Food Network. My parents would have to pull me away from the TV so that they could watch their shows. One of my favorite shows to watch was the one with Giada (can’t remember her last name). She had this Spicy Tomato Soup recipe that was really easy and delicious. I was so happy to make it when I became vegan, since it was already vegetarian, all I had to do was make a few changes. So, here’s the recipe (revamped and veganized) for you guys, in case you’re dying for some soup as well.

Spicy Tomato Soup
32oz. Vegetable Stock or Broth (and one cup of water if needed)
25oz. Tomato Sauce (I used Tomato Basil from Muir Glen)
About 2 cups of roughly chopped Baby Carrots
1 med chopped Onion
One roughly chopped Bell Pepper (any kind you prefer)
One 15oz. can of White Beans
2 tsp of Italian Seasoning
1/2 a tsp of Cayenne Pepper (or more if you like your mouth to burn slightly)
Salt to taste (easy on the salt if your stock and tomato sauce contain sodium already. You just want a little to get the onions cooking)
Two leafs of Kale or a bunch of Spinach
One cup of GF (or wheat if you prefer) Rotini/Spiral Pasta

You want to start by chopping your veggies and heating up a good sized pot on medium heat. I did use oil, about a tsp of Coconut Oil, you can opt out and just turn the heat down some and add some salt to the veggies to bring out the water and prevent them from sticking too much. First add the onion, once that has softened up, add the carrots, then peppers. You just want to soften up the veggies a bit and add the spices to get the flavor going. Then you want to add the beans, sauce and stock. Once everything is in the pot, let that cook for maybe a half hour or so, depending how cooked you like your carrots. I let the soup simmer for roughly 40 minutes. Then you want to add the cup of water if it looks like it’s soaked up some of that stock and got thicker, so that you can add the pasta and cook that just until it’s tender. I know some people don’t like to add the pasta directly to the soup because the starch tends to make the soup thicker and sometimes the pasta swells up. I just throw the stuff in there and don’t overthink it *shrugs*. Once the pasta is tender, just shred/rip up those greens and fold them in there and turn the heat off.

And there you have it! Yes, this dish is not done in a matter of minutes, but, it kinda just cooks itself once you got everything in the pot. It’s a weekend kinda meal. You can add anything in there, like Zucchini, which I’ve used before. I made a vegan grilled “cheese” sandwich and topped mine with some avocado. I also had a couple of Water Chestnut Crackers I found at Marshalls recently. I hope you love this soup and…I hope it’s not cold and raining where you are! If so, at least you now have some awesome soup to warm you up now!

In regards to the recent questions asked, I am happy to answer any questions as long as they’re not full of negativity or debates on my life style and cutting down anyone or thing. I made this blog to share positive posts about the vegan life style. If you do not agree with it, please don’t comment. It’s pretty simple. So, keep it nice and civil or…get lost. Thanks!


Anonymous asked:

Just because an animal is an omnivore doesn't mean it can be vegan. A dogs pancreas cannot keep up with a vegan diet without cause serious distress for the dog. You're ignorance has turned you into an animal abuser.

Thank you for your well thought out criticism. I stand by my decision and keep a close eye on my dogs health. But thanks for judging someone who you don’t know and asking “anonymously”…

dontbeanassbutt asked:

Hi friend! I'm not sure if anyone replied yet to your post about dog on a vegan diet thing, but here's my answer. Do not put your dog on a vegan diet. While it's great that if you are, your dog will not be able to survive. Dogs are carnivorous animals, and while yes they can eat plants on occasion, there diet must consist majorly of meat. Hope this clears up confusion. c:

I have done research online and checked out what vets had to say about a vegan diet for dogs. I’ve seen the negative side (which is not accurate) and the positive side of it. I think the problem some people experience is that they’re not well educated about the vegan diet. Dogs are actually omnivores like us. They can eat either or diet. Unfortunately a diet loaded with animal fats is not healthy in the long run, causing health issues in both dogs and people, shortening their life-span, and resulting in some expensive medical bills. I have been feeding my dog a vegan diet for roughly a year or more now and she’s been doing great.

Here are some testimonies from the company I buy vegan dog food ( from…

I am Alive!

Hello everyone!
So sorry I haven’t been on here much. Well, I haven’t been on for months actually! I did promise I would start writing again after the Holidays. I obviously didn’t keep that promise. It’s been crazy over here with just your average stress-filled-life-situations I suppose. With my husband still taking classes, me taking care of my parents and just…life, I guess. I’m sure most of you, (if you’re all still here…? Hi…? ) …understand. But! I WILL be posting more often. I have a camera that’ll be getting soon, so I can take pictures with an actual camera and not my iPad which fails poorly at taking high resolution photos. I miss that, so much. I ended up selling my old one along with my laptop for $40 each. Yeah. Not cool. I am super happy about getting a camera back because I have grown to love taking photos since a old friend of mine introduced this lovely hobby to me when I was about 17. I can’t wait to go to the Farmer’s Market this year and show you guys all the beautiful fruits and veggies. Oh, wow…I sound like a cornball. So sorry. I’m just excited.

So, stay tuned! I will be returning soon. Thanks for following!

safeleo asked:

i was looking through the vegan pet tag, and i saw your post about your dog. look, im not a vegan, so idk if you want to listen to me, but i am a scientist. diets are a LOT more complicated than people assume, even the whole diet + exercise = weight loss is grossly out of date, so its a lot more complicated than, "can my dog get the same nutrition from synthetic materials?" i would suggest that especially if theres a financial issue, realize that its ok to not be 100% vegan. you still help.

I have since been buying a vegan dog food that’s been working out wonderfully and I did my research before hand. Dogs are actually omnivores, so they can easily transition to a vegan diet. She has been eating a vegan diet for quite a while now and she’s perfectly healthy. It’s well worth the price to make sure she lives a healthy, happy life.

Sorry I’ve been MIA Lately!

Hey everyone! It’s been really hectic over this way. My husband just finished up his semester and life is slowly getting back to normal…sort of. Any way! I just wanted to say hello and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope that you’re able to spend it with your loved ones and enjoy some munch needed relaxation (I’m assuming). I will be back to posting regularly, hopefully, come January some time.

Take care guys! And thanks for following!

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