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Hey Guys!

Let me start off by apologizing. I haven’t kept my promise on updating my blog frequently. I’m really bad at this…bare with me. Any way! I’m going to start sharing a YouTube channel that I like every week. I’d like to share a Twitter account and Tumblr account that I follow/enjoy once a week as well. So starting this weekend I’m going to share a YouTube channel and on Tuesdays a Twitter account and on Thursdays a Tumblr account.

Now, I may not share one every single week due to being busy with life and craziness, but I’ll try my best. I also wanna continue sharing my collection of photos from the past month. I kinda like not having to do that every day or every week because I’m just too busy usually. Sometime next week I wanna share my recent changes in my workout routine and what I’ve been eating. You know, all that stuff that no one has any interest in 😜

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather or gloomy I-wanna-stay-in-doors-everyday weather, right? Well, at least that’s what it’s like over here in Wisconsin.

I may not be on here as often in October. Me and my husbands 8 year wedding anniversary is the end of this month. I made it! I’m still married! And my family said it wouldn’t last. Certain family members that is.

Thanks for following, guys! Take care!

Hey! How YOU guys doing?! 😜 I’ve been busy! As usual. Here’s some photos from this past month and a few recent ones.

Made a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. I will give you guys my recipe if you like (I’m sure there’s plenty out there already).

Potatoes! And the Farmer’s Market where I got a ton of fresh produce to make that plate of food you see there. And my dog sniffing some beautiful beets. Beets still taste like dirt to me but…I think it’s starting to grow on me now. 😋

Some creepy spiders that have made their home in my yard. There’s one outside my living room window as well. And there’s my cats. Lucy is giving Mo a massage I’m guessing. Cats. 😁

I’m still going to give a list, soon, of the recent YouTube channels that I enjoy watching. I will try my best to get that out this week or at least by the beginning of next week.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week! As always, thanks for following!

Hey guys! Sharing some photos from this beautiful Sunday that is now coming to an end.

I thought I would snap a shot of myself after a jog because THAT is me, a sweaty mess, no glasses, no makeup (I don’t normally wear makeup *shrugs*) 🙀

Took a trip to the lakefront in Bayview and took some photos of the strange fog that suddenly rolled in. Walked around for a while and had some “me time” I guess. Which I get a lot of these days since my husband is back in school.

Stopped at my favorite health food store and picked up 10lbs of organic white peaches that are SO sweet and juicy! 👍

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’ll be working on sharing those YouTube channels I talked about soon!

Yes, I still eat a ton of fruit. I know I talked about how RT4 doesn’t work for me but honestly it’s the rules that I don’t follow completely. Some days I’ll have oatmeal with some fruit for breakfast and other days I’ll have a ton of fruit throughout the day. I like to think that most everyone who eats this way tweaks it a bit to suit their needs, budget and possibly weight loss goals.

I do, however, still think that the couple who started RT4 did not handle all the drama very well and I don’t personally follow their opinions. That’s me. You eat what you know is good for you. As long as it’s HCLF vegan, you’re good! No worries! No rules! No stress about fitting into a size two or having a thigh gap or looking like someone that isn’t you. As long as you’re at a healthy weight for your height, there’s no need to kill yourself trying to get a six pack. If a six pack is your goal, awesome! Go for it! I just don’t thing fitness experts should push that on everybody to the point of people feeling like they’re fat, lazy bums. Telling someone,

"Your arms are as big as her legs."

…is uncalled for, immature, and unprofessional when you claim to help people. Help people do what exactly? Commit suicide? It just…annoys me that everyone who watched that video doesn’t bother to bring up the fact that they said horrible things to another human being. Anyway! That’s my opinion. And that was a really long P.S.

Okay! Take care guys! As always, thanks for following!

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