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Hey guys! Sharing some photos from this beautiful Sunday that is now coming to an end.

I thought I would snap a shot of myself after a jog because THAT is me, a sweaty mess, no glasses, no makeup (I don’t normally wear makeup *shrugs*) 🙀

Took a trip to the lakefront in Bayview and took some photos of the strange fog that suddenly rolled in. Walked around for a while and had some “me time” I guess. Which I get a lot of these days since my husband is back in school.

Stopped at my favorite health food store and picked up 10lbs of organic white peaches that are SO sweet and juicy! 👍

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’ll be working on sharing those YouTube channels I talked about soon!

Yes, I still eat a ton of fruit. I know I talked about how RT4 doesn’t work for me but honestly it’s the rules that I don’t follow completely. Some days I’ll have oatmeal with some fruit for breakfast and other days I’ll have a ton of fruit throughout the day. I like to think that most everyone who eats this way tweaks it a bit to suit their needs, budget and possibly weight loss goals.

I do, however, still think that the couple who started RT4 did not handle all the drama very well and I don’t personally follow their opinions. That’s me. You eat what you know is good for you. As long as it’s HCLF vegan, you’re good! No worries! No rules! No stress about fitting into a size two or having a thigh gap or looking like someone that isn’t you. As long as you’re at a healthy weight for your height, there’s no need to kill yourself trying to get a six pack. If a six pack is your goal, awesome! Go for it! I just don’t thing fitness experts should push that on everybody to the point of people feeling like they’re fat, lazy bums. Telling someone,

"Your arms are as big as her legs."

…is uncalled for, immature, and unprofessional when you claim to help people. Help people do what exactly? Commit suicide? It just…annoys me that everyone who watched that video doesn’t bother to bring up the fact that they said horrible things to another human being. Anyway! That’s my opinion. And that was a really long P.S.

Okay! Take care guys! As always, thanks for following!

Raw Till 4: Why Can’t Vegans Just Get Along?!?!

Some time after April of this year I decided to check out RT4. For those of you who have no idea what Raw Till 4 is, it’s a vegan diet/life style where your diet consist of a ton of raw/fruit & veggies (mainly fruit) throughout the day and once 4pm rolls around you load up on some cooked carbs such as rice, potatoes, corn, pasta. It also follows the 80/10/10 principle and there is no added salt. You also want to down a butt load of water, 2-3 liters. Freelee (The Banana Girl) has coined Raw Till 4. She has a story to tell about her weight loss journey and how she overcame an eating disorder as well as some health issues on a vegan diet.

So, I thought this sounded interesting. I wanted to eat more raw fruits and veggies and have a bit more energy to get back into running and just feel better. Granted, I already was starting to feel better around this time because I had eased up on the salt and I also stopped cooking with oil. I stopped buying so much processed food and ate a more whole food plant based diet (which use to be veganism actually…before companies invented vegan junk food). My skin started to clear up and I started to run longer and had less pain and soreness. So why did I want to eat RT4? Well, it came back to the whole raw movement. I really wanted to see how I felt eating a more raw vegan diet. I think most vegans experiment with a raw diet. I always hear vegans talk about how they use to be raw.

So, I did this for a few months (100% for a month or a little longer). I started off slower. I did a 8 banana smoothie and worked up to 10. Once I realized 10 was a bit too much for my 5’5 frame and I wasn’t doing some serious cardio EVERY day, I went back to 8. The problem I have with RT4 is I don’t PERSONALLY, mind you, feel satisfied, full, satiated on fruit. What happens with me is I end up eating like I’m absolutely starving come dinner time. I haven’t necessarily gained weight doing RT4. As soon as I dropped the oil, I lost 8 pounds within a month or less. Once I started doing RT4 my weight sort of fluctuated about 2-3 pounds, depending on my activity, how many smoothies I had, how much salt I had. It wasn’t bad enough to stress that I was gaining weight from RT4. I have been drinking a lot more water, that in itself makes a huge difference. But I decided yesterday that I would go back to just a simple low fat vegan diet and eat until I’m full. This RT4 business was also getting pricey.

Recently a bunch of vegans did some YouTube videos about RT4 and how it didn’t work for them. They were doing RT4 much, much longer than I have and some of them gained 15-20lbs on this diet. Some had goals to lose weight, being much heavier and overweight than others, did not lose any weight even after a year. I actually lost all my weight by just eating vegan. Nothing special. In fact I was still eating processed and fatty foods. I still lost weight. Probably would have had better skin and lost weight faster on a more whole foods diet but I was a little clueless at the time.

I think the real cause for most of them was they ate too many calories and were confused by Freelee telling them unlimited calories was okay. If you’re sitting on your butt for most of the week, and you’re eating 3,000 or more calories, then logic tells you, you will gain weight. Freelee says to make sure you get most of your calories from fresh fruit but, some of us can’t afford to eat this way. Especially if it’s 100% organic. I would have ate more fruit and maybe for me, I would have felt less hungry by dinner time. But my budget and the quality of fruit in Wisconsin is not the greatest. I think this was another issue with most of these people.

Okay! So…unfortunately, Freelee and Harley (her boyfriend) didn’t take nicely to the mass of videos speaking negatively about RT4. Today they released a video in response to all the “noobs”. In my opinion, they should have handled it in a more professional manor. Instead they name called, claimed these women were jealous, they weren’t doing the diet correctly and because they had children, that had also been the problem. I was really disappointed in them. Because it was incredibly immature the way they handled it. They’re suppose to be compassionate people. It really made me bummed to see their response to the vegans who just wanted to switch to a more basic vegan diet. I don’t see the problem? They get offended way too easily and that, in my opinion, makes you look weak. RT4 is not the end-all be-all and it’s okay to eat a basic low fat vegan diet. It’s STILL vegan! Why is this a problem?! You guys watch the video for yourselves. Just search Freelee on YouTube and watch the new video “The Raw Till 4 Diet Made Me Fat!!!! Freelee is a LIAR!”

I don’t believe people who are extremely over weight should be babied, I do believe people need to be honest with them, if they genuinely care. HOWEVER, I DON’T agree with name calling. It’s childish, it’s hurtful, rude…I could go on about how wrong it is and how they should have handled this so much better. All I know is, RT4, it’s a decent diet. I totally agree with the principles of it. I don’t believe you can eat unlimited calories. And I don’t believe it’s for everyone. Not everyone feels satiated on just fruit. I’m not going to go on about this but I will leave a link to a video that explains why some people just don’t do well on this diet.

My opinion is, EAT A WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED DIET! And you’re good! Why are we complicated things and creating self-esteem issues, calling each other names and not caring about one another?! We’re all suppose to be making a better life for ourselves, for others and that includes ALL species! CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG?!?!

Hope you guys are enjoying your week and I just wanted to say that I have found so many vegans on YouTube through RT4 that are inspiring and loaded with facts and info, personal opinions and just lovely people. I have learned how to drink more water, eat less salt and eating more raw fruits and veggies, with that said, I appreciate both Freelee and Harley for introducing me to these… blessings! But until they can act more appropriately toward negativity and treat others with respect, I cannot watch them any longer. That’s just me.

Take care guys! As always, thanks for following! 😊

Here is the link I promised (below). I will also be linking some YouTube channels next blog for you guys to check out.

Hey guys! Just wanted to share some photos from this past weekend. Took a little bus trip downtown here in Milwaukee. Lots of fog and strange weather but me and my husband still enjoyed the scenery and…smelly Wisconsin lake water! I kid, I kid. (No really, it does kinda stink)

The one photo that was taken indoors is the Grand Mall. The inside is beautiful. I remember going there with my mom. It had a ton of stores back then. That bus ride took forever but the mall was always fun to visit because it reminded me of a castle when I was a kid.

I look like a tourist whenever I visit downtown. I just love the old buildings. We have this new bike service called Bublr I believe, where you can rent a bike for a day for $7 or a month for $30 I think. Pretty cool! I need to remember how to ride a bike though. I was taught when I was 14 and that was the only time I rode a bike…long story.

The building that is being worked on is the Avalon Theatre. Which was closed for some years but apparently they’re fixing up the place and reopening this fall. Which is awesome because this is in Bayview which is closer and I have to admit I kinda like the atmosphere more in Bayview than the East Side.

There’s a photo of some new Smoothie Cafe of sorts that opened recently called Refuge Smoothies. It’s closed every time I get to Bayview but I wanna try them out one of these days. And of course I couldn’t leave Bayview without stopping at OutPost for some local organic, super hipster 😜 corn on the cob! They had a sale! 😄

Hope you guys enjoy your week and I will be posting a blog this week some time about my little experience with RT4 (Raw til 4) and what I’ve been eating these days and a possible YouTube channel in the future.

Take care! And as always, thanks for following!

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Hey everybody! I’ve been pretty busy lately helping my parents with their meals. They’ve both been transitioning their diet into a more Plant Based one which is awesome! My dad has actually been taking walks and he looks so much better these days. I could not be more thankful and happy about the changes he willing made on his own. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Aside from all the blessings going on in my life, there has been some rough patches here and there. The usual. For the most part. The almighty dollar… or lack there of. The ongoing violence in my neighborhood and just in my city… it makes you fearful to even go for a walk. And that awful feeling I’ll be stuck living here, struggling to buy my bananas (heh!), pay bills and rent. Negativity gets the best of us sometimes. It definitely took a toll on me today.

I woke up at 5:30am to help make my husband with his breakfast and get his lunch together for work as he got ready to leave to work another double shift, again. I just felt too tired to stay awake (usually I try to stay awake and get some exercise in). So I crawled back to bed. Unfortuntely, it took me an hour or more to fall back to sleep and the alarm went off as soon as I got some shuteye. So, I turned that sucker off and went back to bed. Probably not the best idea since it was pretty late when I finally did get up. I don’t know about you guys but, I’ve never been a morning person. I use to have a keychain that said “Night Owl”. I hated mornings. I’m still getting use to them but, it’s so much nicer out that early in the morning for running/walking. It just seems far more peaceful.

As the day progressed, I decided I would get some Pilates in and give my leg a rest, which for some reason has been bother me. I like to listen to the not so… “New Age-y” music they got going on on my Pilates DVD, so I play some Punk or something that gets me awake and in a good mood. That was the plan anyway. Until I spent over an hour looking for a particular CD that has magically disappeared. I haven’t a clue where it is but, I’m sure all the Pop-Punk haters are laughing their butts off, heh! Yeah, I like Pop-Punk… so sue me.

After spending way too much time searching for my Paramore CD (whoops! Probably shouldn’t have admitted I like THAT dreadful band 😜.), I finally got Pilates in. But of course I was starving at this point. I finished up, made myself a smoothie and got out to run my errands. When Wal-Mart is a part of your day, expect to be in a bad mood at some point, my friends. It’s just… the worst. No matter how cheap their prices are, they will always be (unless they change) the worst. So, I’m coming home with a few pounds of bananas and some almond milk, and I just wanna cross the street. I live off of a very busy street which doesn’t have any lights. You can walk a block to get to the lights, but it annoys me that I have to do this in order to get across the street. So, this guy speeds down the street, sees me in the middle trying to get across and he just speeds up some more and then has the nerve to stare me down, like a piece of meat. I don’t like skeevy guys. At this point in the day, I’m tired, hungry, annoyed but mostly hungry. And this guy just got on my last nerve. I was doing SO well. And then it happened. I Stone Cold salute the guy. That’s a wrestling reference btw… basically, I flipped him the bird. As soon as I did it, I knew it was wrong. I felt awful. I didn’t feel good about myself. I heard a car horn beep several times and thought to myself,

"This dude could have a gun. Or worse! He could be one of my neighbors!" 😳

Don’t ask me how I thought that scenario could’ve been worse…

I guess what I’m getting at is, whatever you’re going through in a day, a week, a month or longer! It shouldn’t take over your whole life. Struggles, problems, whether they’re big or small, should NEVER keep you in a bad mood where you get to the point of taking it out on a complete stranger (skeevy or not) or your friends and family. Don’t ever let problems take over YOU. I’ve done that for years. And I’m still trying to NOT let my problems get the best of me. The difference now, compared to a few years ago is, I know how to deal with it, what triggered it and how to get on with my day. I know most people think that I had every right to flip that guy off or be angry and annoyed, that, that emotion is normal and “healthy” which is what I use to think. But… for me, personally, I don’t find that to be true any more. I don’t find that having high blood pressure because I don’t know how to control my temper or having my family worry about whether someone is going to retaliate one day, is normal OR healthy. I’ve always been a little sarcastic (I blame my dad) and I like to kid around, that’s part of my personality. Being a jerk… that’s not something I wanna be known for.

I guess my advice is, try not to let your problems get the best of you. Yes, you may be working on your temper like I am or maybe you’re just bummed all the time. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with, work on it. Try harder. Be better. The LEAST you can do is try, right?

Enjoy the rest of your week guys! As always, thanks for following!

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